CFX-2 is our most popular variety used in organic systems in Canada and the US. The consistently uniform plant structure and excellent harvestability of CFX-2 are valuable traits recognized by both breeders and growers. Organic growers are especially drawn to this variety because of the superior vigour during establishment, tall stature that provides excellent weed control, and ability of the plant to scavenge nutrients when soil fertility is limited. 


For organic production, this variety should be used in both Canada and Northern USA. For conventional production, this variety is performing well in the mid and northern latitudes of the US. Initially this variety was selected for early maturity large seed size and reduced height for production in high fertility conventional production systems. 

Key Characteristics

  • Registered in 2006
  • Medium-size seed, dioecious variety
  • End uses: food, fibre, and CBD
  • High grain yielderv
  • Kernel weight: 16 grams/1000 seeds
  • Days to Maturity: ~103+ days
  • CBD Percentage: 0.5% to 2.7%
  • Time of Flowering: 53 days after seeding
  • Plant height at 50 degrees latitude: 130-150 cm; this varies depending on season, planting date, fertility, etc.
  • Soil requirements: well-drained soils of medium texture are ideal
  • Seed size allows for easier cleaning under organic systems

Growing Conditions Based on Geography

HGI varieties are well adapted to Canadian Latitudes. US and International interested customers should note our varieties are best suited to growing North of the 40 Degree Latitude due to being photoperiod sensitive varieties.

CFX-2 grows best in zones