This cross between CRS-1 and another high-yielding short variety is an excellent dual-purpose variety used both for grain and fibre production. Although slightly shorter and smaller-seeded than CRS-1, this variety is an excellent grain yielder. 


CFX-1 is finding a niche as a fibre variety in more northerly latitudes in Canada where the long summer days increase the height, improving fibre quality and yield. Interestingly, when grown in the mid-latitude areas of the USA, the height is reduced, making it useful as a dual-purpose grain and fibre crop.  

Key Characteristics

  • Registered in 2006
  • Medium-size seed, dioecious variety
  • End uses: food, fibre, and CBD
  • High grain yielder
  • Kernel weight: 17 grams/1000 seeds
  • Days to maturity: ~105+ days
  • CBD Percentage: 0.5% to 2.7%
  • Males 40% (+/- 5%) and females 60% (+/- 5%)v
  • Medium plant height at 50 degrees latitude: 150-170 cm
  • Plant branching: medium
  • Soil requirements: well-drained soils of medium texture are idealv
  • Time of flowering: 55 days after seeding

Growing Conditions Based on Geography

HGI varieties are well adapted to Canadian Latitudes. US and International interested customers should note our varieties are best suited to growing North of the 40 Degree Latitude due to being photoperiod sensitive varieties.

CFX-1 grows best in zones